Trailer & Box Trailers, Welshpool

CoastMac Stocks Welshpool’s Best Box Trailers

Building and maintaining a great reputation in an industry such as this is difficult, and we work tirelessly to ensure our customers’ opinions of our products aren’t anything short of sensational. We stand by every one of the units that our customers buy, and adhere to strict quality control guidelines. Perth’s most trusted supplier of purpose-built new box trailers and other styles is CoastMac. We have made it our goal to provide you with excellent, durable and reliable trailers at affordable prices. Our range is sure to contain the one (or more) trailer you really need.

Trailers to suit all hauls

When you want to move an all-terrain vehicle or to hook a trailer to an ATV, come to us. If you are about to transport loose bulk goods and want to easily unload them with a tipping trailer, or when you need to move valuable goods in sturdy box trailers, there is only one supplier Welshpool and Perth clients trust: CoastMac. We are the top provider for all your trailer needs.

Please CALL (08) 9785 0232 for further queries. ***PLEASE NOTE – All trailer pricing and specifications are subject change without notice***

Made with only the best materials and utmost of care to ensure longevity, you’ll be using your new CoastMac unit for years to come with the minimal amount of maintenance and care. Throughout our whole range you’ll find that you’re able to add extras, too, such as a spare tyre, ramp and a lot more depending on what model you need. For those looking to have something customised to your specs, we’re happy to offer that service too – all you need to do is explain exactly what you’d like and we’ll design and build it for you! Our services are available right around the country, from Fremantle to Kalgoorlie and beyond.

Can we help with further information?

If you have a question that remains unanswered, you’re more than welcome to speak with us at 1300 799 507.