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Bring your towing and transporting capabilities to the next level. When it comes to buying a trailer people look for reliability, robust construction and longevity. Here at Costal Machinery we supply CoastMac box trailers in Stirling that meet all these criteria and more. We know well that the weather we face in Australia is nothing short of extreme, bringing scorching summer days and rain and hail that falls sideways in the 100km winds in winter. You need to make sure that whatever equipment you buy that’s to be used outside is designed to stand the tests, which is exactly what you get with our products.

All of our trailers are built out of heavy duty galvanised steel and are manufactured to last. We know that the versatility of a trailer means it is going to be exposed to some hefty hauling jobs, so we’ve taken care to build CoastMacs tough in order for our customers to have a total peace of mind that whatever the job is they’re doing, it’ll complete the task with no problems.

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With a wide range of different designs including; Jet Ski, box trailers, flat top and even hydraulic tippers, we have the right one for any job. Purchasing a CoastMac means you will get a brilliant trailer that provides a great return on investment for years to come. Check out our fantastic range today!

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If there’s something you need that you’re not able to find in our range, talk to us about creating a design that’s tailored to the specs you’re looking for – we excel at building custom models for customers all over Australia including in Osborne ParkOcean Reef and further.

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