7 x 5 Off-Road Boxtop Trailer

When you head off road, you need a trailer that can handle the conditions. Here at CoastMac Trailers, we offer a great range of off road trailers that are built to withstand the harsh Australian landscape. Made from high quality, hot-dipped galvanised steel, these trailers are corrosion resistant and made to stand the test of time Ð making them a solid investment.

All of our off road trailers are manufactured using heavy duty construction techniques, as well as springs that are designed to hold up even when travelling on the roughest of roads. With a slightly higher ground clearance than a regular trailer, you will find that uneven roads, rocks and bumps are no longer an issue. Each trailer comes equipped with brand new light tyres and is licensed for 12 months so you can get out on the road immediately.


  • ATM: 1750kg
  • TARE: 390kg
  • Carrying capacity: 1360kg
  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 50 x 50 axle
  • Heavy duty springs
  • 400mm sides
  • Tie down rails
  • LED lights
  • 5 Stud Landcruiser hubs
  • New light truck tyres – 235/75R16LT
  • Licensed – stamp duty & transfer is payable

Extras Available

  • Spare Tyre: $220
  • Cages: $350
  • Ramp: $500
  • Removable H-Frames: $330
  • Enclosed Cover: $600