Trailer & Box Trailers, Morley

Any Morley Worksite Will Surely Benefit From One of Our Box Trailers

Tired of ferrying around your worksite material in truck beds or simply having no way to remove rubbish from your property when undertaking home renovations? Or perhaps you’d prefer to not fill the boot of your car with fertiliser to get it home? Top quality trailers are priceless in their myriad of uses, and if you’re looking for the best, take a look at the CoastMac range.

With an extensive amount of experience in this industry, you can be certain that when you’re buying from us you’re getting nothing but the best in quality. This applies to both the build itself as well as a product that’s been designed to go the distance. Reputation is very important to us, and we work tirelessly to ensure we’re delivering products every time that our customers are more than happy with.

Various styles of trailers for various uses

Our range don’t just include those that are suited to tradesmen or home renovators, either. We’re proud to give our customers a plethora of choices which includes everything from box trailers and tippers through to tradesman tops, designs to tow ATVs and even cars.

Please CALL (08) 9785 0232 to make a query. ***PLEASE NOTE – All trailer pricing and specifications are subject change without notice***

Everything included in our wide selection has the option to add an extra tyre (for ‘just-in-case’ moments), and there are various other additions that can be purchased which differ with the models. We offer all kinds of spacious trailers throughout Morley and wider Perth, as well as over Australia including Mandurah and Wangara, and are just a call away at 1300 799 507. We’ve provided our customers with products to handle all kinds of construction tasks before, so matter what you need our box trailers for, we can provide you with a towed transport vehicle that’ll make your renovations or trade work truly easy.