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Scorching hot days in the summer, icy winds in the winter and a whole lot of rainfall makes Australia’s weather something that’s not to be taken lightly. Any tools and equipment that’s used outside needs to be able to last through it all. There are plenty of construction jobs going on all around Perth, and at CoastMac we’re proud to provide workers and home renovators alike with tip, galvanised steel and box trailers in Kewdale and all other Perth suburbs and areas around Western Australia. In fact, our heavy duty range will give you the ability to tow almost any kind of transportation vehicle a building or landscaping job could need!

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Perhaps you find yourself transporting a car around frequently, or maybe you love to take your holiday adventures off road and need some extra storage space. Your type of work may require ride on mowing to be with you at all times, or you haul a lot of sand, dirt or other fill. Whatever the case may be, we have the solution that’s perfect for you. For those looking to have a custom design made up, we can cater for you too.

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Our box and other style of trailers are all carefully designed and have been built using top-grade materials to make sure they’ll put up with whatever you throw at them. The pride that we take in our finished products is easily seen when you put your new hauler through its paces, and you’re destined to be more than impressed.

We also offer extras such as spare tyres and cages that’ll easily fit on to any product in our range to keep your goods safe and secure. From Rockingham to Clarkson to many other places in WA, when you come to us you’re in the best of hands.

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