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Transportation of varying kinds of materials and items requires more than just your boot space on many occasions. When the time comes that you’re in need of a solution to your hauling woes, you need to be sure that the equipment you have will get the job done, and if you’ve been looking for a reputable brand that’ll do exactly that, then you want Coastal Machinery. The fastidious care and top-quality materials that go into the build of every one of the trailers we sell means you’re getting an end product that’s been manufactured to go the distance. Our processes have been fine-tuned over the many years we’ve been in operation to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best.

We use heavy duty galvanised steel, proven to be highly resilient to rust, in order to extend the life of all of the products that we supply. Also, we’re happy to make modifications and build something that’s unique to our customers’ needs, whatever they may be. From Kalgoorlie to Albany and elsewhere, our products will definitely impress.

A collection of trailers for use in various situations

We provide CoastMac box trailers and more to clients in Fremantle and across Perth. Our extensive range covers all your needs and includes:

• Car
• Off road
• Jet ski
• Tippers
• Plant
• Tradesmen tops
• Box trailers and many more

Whatever it is you need moved – furniture, whitegoods, vehicles or boats – we have the ideal trailer for all types of applications. With unsurpassed customer services and unbeatable prices, we have what it takes to become your favourite supplier too.

Please CALL (08) 9785 0232 for further queries. ***PLEASE NOTE – All trailer pricing and specifications are subject change without notice***

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Browse our amazing collection online now and discover what value for money truly means. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service number is (08) 9785 0232 – give us a call, we’re happy to clear anything up.