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Making sure your equipment is top notch quality is a high priority, especially when referring to towing and transportation of your tools and machinery. Choosing a low-quality option could land you in hot water eventually due to avoidable malfunctioning and bad design or build quality.

If you have a profession that requires a lot of equipment or you like to go camping on a regular basis, purchasing a trailer should be high on your to-do list. Coastal Machinery has a wide range of box trailers in Esperance to choose from to ensure you can carry all of your gear with ease. Whether it’s an 8×5 ramp single axle with a capacity limit of 370kg or an 8×5 dual axle that can carry up to 1500kg without fuss, we have the right size to suit your needs, equipment and budget.

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We don’t just stop at box trailers though; we also have a wide range of car, flat top and off road trailers to suit your specific needs with ease. Using galvanised steel and quality manufacturing, you are guaranteed a product that is made to last as you transport equipment, tools, household goods and more.

To add to our vast product offering, you’ll be happy to know that we proudly provide customisation suited to your specifications. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we will gladly discuss with you exactly what’s needed and create something just for you. Our reach stretches all around Australia including BusseltonMalaga and much more.

Please CALL (08) 9785 0232 for further queries. ***PLEASE NOTE – All trailer pricing and specifications are subject change without notice***

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Our passion shines through the products that we build, and is backed up with an abundance of positive feedback from our customers. Take a look at our range available and give us a call on (08) 9785 0232 today to find out more about our current stock or to talk more about a custom job.